Initially, for most individuals excellent implies goodness, luxury, shininess or even weight. The word is equated to the worth of issues. For instance we say anything is of superior excellent, or we refer to the expression “excellent of life”, however as we all know excellent of life depends on who is applying it to themselves. Every particular person has his personal definition of excellent of life as applied to himself.

Second, excellent is believed not to be measurable. Such assumption leads a lot of managers to go over excellent as anything unattainable. They mistakenly assume of it as equal to goodness, so they waste time obtaining emotional debates which prevents them taking logical actions to attain excellent and superior the image of their enterprise.

The third erroneous assumption is that some small business owners assume their sector is diverse, that excellent does not apply to them or they say that they can not make a item superior. These sorts of excuses give birth to ” gold plating”, for instance adding a luxury element to a non promoting item, as an alternative of in search of to make issues suitable the 1st time.

The fourth erroneous assumption is the thought that the difficulties of a enterprise are triggered by workers alone specially these in manufacturing, contact centers, and sales. In basic the preferred meeting subject of management is: ” what workers are undertaking incorrect, or what they are not undertaking”. They determine that workers are undertaking a lousy job, that the excellent on the assembly line is poor. They overlook the defects of accounting, engineering, personal computer applications, supervisors… when searching for options. Although workers can be accountable for errors, they can contribute only a tiny to the prevention of difficulties, due to the fact all organizing and creation is accomplished elsewhere. It is that elsewhere that mainly demands focus.

The fifth erroneous assumption is that excellent is the sole duty of 1 division in a enterprise consequently when anything terrible occurs, that division is the only 1 blamed. The excellent management workplace, if there is 1 really should contact difficulties by the names of these who result in them: accounting difficulties , manufacturing difficulties, front desk issue… Top quality calls for that we hold every single division accountable for the functioning of their fields of intervention.

Top quality has practically nothing to do with feelings, it is measurable and attainable.